Mend Excerpt!

I’ve posted some new content on the site lately. First of all, have you noticed that Bend has a new cover? Check it out! The paperback has been completely revamped, and it’s soooo pretty, inside and out. You can order signed copies of it in my Store–and if you’d like to send it to someone as a holiday gift, I’ll wrap it and include a gift message, free of charge!

Here’s what’s going on with the second book in the Waters series, Mend: I’ve finished the first draft and am in the editing process. Much work left to do, but I’m hoping to have it done very soon after the new year. Meanwhile, check out the Mend book page on the site, where you can read the blurb and the brand spanking new excerpt. Don’t forget to add the book to Goodreads!

How will you know when the book is released? The best way to keep up with my news is to join my Facebook group, where you can find lots of exclusive content and all the latest info. Big news are also posted on my Facebook page, of course, but Facebook likes to hide content from people, so that’s not the most reliable way to stay updated. You can also sign up for my newsletter (I send newsletters very rarely–your inbox will NOT be spammed), and if you’re a Kindle reader who just wants to know when the book is out, you can always follow me on Amazon.

That’s all for now. Happy Holidays! <3

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