Kivrin Wilson writes her books in first person point-of-view, so Kivrin thinks it only makes sense to write about herself in third person.


Kivrin learned as a teenager that she liked writing and that she liked romance novels. She first tried her hand at writing them in her early twenties, and then she tried for a while to get published, but when that didn’t work out, she spent the next decade or so dithering around (though that’s not quite the word she would use) before finally getting her act together enough to finish another manuscript. (Read more about that here.)


Kivrin is a mother, wife, unabashed cat lady, avid reader, Netflix binge watcher, proud introvert, and a passably good cook. When she’s not writing, she’s usually busy with her self-employed day job, though she tries to do that as little as possible. She enjoys exercising forces herself to run on her treadmill (while watching Netflix) because it allows her to eat chocolate.


Kivrin grew up in Norway, but she’s lived most of her adult life in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she currently shares a roof with her husband (who’s pretty amazing, according to him), their daughter (who’s definitely amazing, according to everyone), and two young male cats who behave very much like teenage boys and of whom she shares too many photos on Instagram.


Some Fun (Or at the Very Least Mildly Diverting) Facts

  • Kivrin writes novels in a language that is not her native tongue
  • She met her husband on the Internet way before online dating was a thing
  • She has such a violent aversion to mayonnaise that just the sight of it makes her gag
  • Kivrin can type over 100 wpm and wishes that had any impact whatsoever on how quickly she writes her books
  • She’s a total baked goods snob (friends don’t let friends eat box cake)
  • She firmly believes that Colin Firth is the one and only Mr. Darcy and any friends who believe differently are just wrong (they know who they are)

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