Mend Release Notice

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Why Is Mend Only Available On Amazon?

The short answer is: I didn’t expect that anyone would even ask that. Until I made Bend available for free, 99.9% of my readers were on Amazon. And so I committed to putting Mend in Kindle Unlimited on release day, which means I can’t make it available anywhere else at that point.

If you missed the pre-order window for Mend, the good news is that after 90 days, I will be able to put it back up for sale elsewhere. So by approximately May 8th, you’ll be able to buy it. You can mark your calendars…or you can sign up below to get an email notification when the book is live again on iBooks, Nook, and Kobo. This mailing list is for this specific notification only. You’ll not be subscribed to any newsletters, and your email will not be shared with anyone. Thank you!

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