Music sets the mood while I’m writing. It influences the story and helps me bring my characters to life. Here are playlists of the songs that inspired me as I wrote my books.

Gray Or Blue by Jaymay (Spotify | YouTube)
The Scientist by Coldplay (Spotify | YouTube)
Demons by Imagine Dragons (Spotify | YouTube)
Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder (Spotify | YouTube)
Feeling Good by Avicii (Spotify | YouTube)
Ghosts That We Knew by Mumford & Sons (Spotify | YouTube)
We Are Young by Fun. (Spotify | YouTube)
Save the Last Dance by The Drifters (Spotify | YouTube)
Weighty Ghost by Wintersleep (Spotify | YouTube)
Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash (Spotify | YouTube)
Ballad Of Fuck All by Malcolm Middleton (Spotify | YouTube)
Can’t Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson (Spotify | YouTube)


I’m gripping the steering wheel and staring unseeing at the dashboard, steeling myself. A melancholy Mumford & Sons song is playing on the stereo, the lyrics about love and sadness and death. It fits my mood exactly.


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